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Season Three Episode Reviews

by fantomas/fantwho and kassidy




Fan Fiction



Stories by fantomas, aka fantwho:

The Catch
What if Toby went to Grace & asked her to free Kevin from Ambrosius? Surely nothing bad could happen there ... (Written for the Dante's Cove Fiction Fest #3)

Before The Dawn
Season 3 speculation: Kevin decides to try and beat Ambrosius at his own game, while Toby and Van try to find a way to defeat him and save Kevin, but in alternate ways. Meanwhile, Diana and Grace scheme against each other, and Marco's true nature is revealed.


Written for the Dante's Cove Fiction Fest #5; takes place in season two
Something odd is happening to Kevin, something that seems to track back to him being revived from the dead. But how can he fix a problem he’s not even sure he believes in it? Whether he fully believes in the supernatural or not, it seems to believe in him.



Takes place in season two; written for the DC Fiction Fest #6

Evil comes to Dante’s Cove, forcing an alliance of strange bedfellows.



by Kassidy:


Destiny Never Dies (Only People)
Picks up at the end of Season 2 – what happens to Kevin, what Van and Toby do about it, and how Grace gets involved.




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Supernova – Toby's always thought Kevin was white-hot.
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